This & That: Apples & Cheddar

Now that autumn is officially here, its time to start celebrating the best way we know how: autumn foods! One of the great foods in season right now are apples. Gala, granny smith, fuji, the list goes on; each has it’s own unique flavor and profile as well as their best uses. While delicious in their own right, we love the idea of pairing them up even more! The sweet crunchiness of apples goes wonderfully with the soft, savory sharpness of cheddar. One of my favorite ways to pair these two is to make apple pie with a savory sharp Vermont Cheddar crust. It’s a perfect match for your next get together.

You can create your own memorable experience by going out to your local orchard and handpicking your apples! That way you are getting the freshest fruit available, and that freshness is sure to shine in the final product. Happy pairings!

Here is a link to a wonderful recipe on the Food Network that I use every year for my autumn baking, hope you enjoy: Recipe Here


Posted on October 14, 2014 .