Modern Makeover

We all have that one classic food from our childhood that always brings out the excitement we had as children. For me, that dish is mac and cheese. It doesn’t matter if it’s the blue box or a fancy homemade mac and cheese casserole; just give me yummy pasta smothered in tasty, melted cheese, and I’m on cloud nine! While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic dish, it’s always fun to give a classic recipe a modern twist.  

Sriracha has been a popular food trend for some time now, and partially because it is such a versatile ingredient; it is a delicious way to add some heat and depth of flavor to your mac and cheese! The spice-filled heat complements the sweet saltiness of the sauce, and it’s a knockout with friends and family.

This link takes you to a delicious recipe for Sriracha Mac and Cheese with Roasted Garlic. Check it out here.

Posted on March 6, 2015 .