March is for Noodles


Pasta is always a wildly popular dish. From macaroni and cheese, to fresh handmade pasta, there is just something so comforting and satisfying about noodles! People have been eating them, in some form, for thousands of years and they continue to be a favorite in a variety of cuisines.

March is National Noodle Month and we thought we’d give you some noodle history and share some cool noodle dishes that are made better by cheese!

In 2005, National Geographic shared that a bowl of 4,000-year-old noodles were found in Northwestern China and is believed to be the earliest example of the popular food.  This coincides with the popular theory that noodles originated in the East, and were introduced to Italy by the Arabs. From there, the popularity of the noodle spread to Europe, and then the rest of the world.  (Check out the story!)

Now the varieties and styles of noodles alone are practically infinite! One thing we know is that cheese can be the perfect complement to a variety of noodles. Whether it’s a hard Italian cheese sprinkled over marinara or a rich cream cheese sauce for fettuccine, cheese elevates plain noodles and excites the palate. Here are some recipes that represent a tiny snapshot of how cheese and noodles can elevate your meals.

Beer Mac & Cheese Recipe

Creamy Penne with Blue Cheese Sauce Recipe

Gouda & Avocado Fettuccine Recipe

Rice Noodles with Sundried Tomatoes, Parmesan & Basil Recipe 


Happy Eatings!




Posted on March 10, 2016 and filed under Educational, Recipes.