Crock Pot Crazy


The holidays can be fun filled with festivities and good company, but one thing many of us have in common is how busy we are. With everything going on, taking the time to cook a meal can often fall to the wayside. But fear not! One of the best cooking shortcuts available is likely sitting right in your kitchen cabinet: the crockpot. There are few things easier than throwing all your ingredients into one pot and walking away! So in the spirit of making the holidays as stress-free as possible we’re sharing some cheesy shortcuts you can add into your holidays. 

No-Boil Mac & Cheese: This recipe is incredibly versatile. You can choose your favorite cheeses to substitute into the recipe. Alternately, you can add fresh goat cheese (available on Amazon Prime) for a creamy tang. 

Slow Cooker Lasagna: Delicious, savory lasagna without all the work! 

Cheese-Stuffed Meatballs: Quick shortcut for any easy dinner any night of the week. 

Slow-cooker Balsamic Cranberry Pulled Pork with Cheesy Polenta:  A festive dinner to impress your guests.

Cheesy Chicken Penne: Pasta is always a crowd pleaser. 

Bacon & Cheese Potatoes: Bacon & Cheese. Need we say more??

Cheesy Rueben Dip: A delicious sandwich gets turned into a delicious dip; bonus, our French Mini Toasts (available on Amazon Prime) are the perfect accompaniment to serve alongside this tasty dip!

Cheesy Winter Vegetable Casserole: Because cheese makes everything better. 

Creamy Beer Cheese Soup: Because what is better than beer AND cheese?!?

Happy Eatings!












Posted on December 5, 2017 and filed under Recipes, Holidays.