About Us

Where The Inspiration Begins

At North Light Specialty Foods we are food enthusiasts. We spend our days surrounded by specialty food but we look forward most to the sense of wonder and discovery on our customers faces when they discover or taste something they've never experienced before. We love to inspire these kinds of food stories and that is why we work diligently with our expert partners to make specialty foods in a way that is approachable, affordable and that lets you share it with your friends and family to create your own brilliant, beautiful and flavorful favorites.

We know that specialty food can be intimidating, unapproachable and pricey. People are afraid to ask the wrong questions or seem unknowledgeable; they worry that something won’t have the right flavor or that they will get something that is a waste of money. We forget that a deeper knowledge of these things comes from experimentation and discovery. 

We want our cheese to meet and marry other great foods and inspire confidence in our customers to go out and write their own food stories. So, we aim to design products with the goal of guiding people to great combinations in a way that is approachable, affordable and that inspires experimentation and discovery of new types of delicious cheese and specialty food while building a deeper knowledge of fine food.  


We Call It North Light

The name North Light comes really from two ideas. That of the north star being a point of reference and a guide for people; if you know where North is you can get your bearings of where you are and where you need to go. The other is an inspiration from the northern lights. There are all these invisible things happening simultaneously in space and on Earth but when these forces combine the result is this awe inspiring and brilliant display of  dancing lights that people can experience. 

We believe specialty food can be that inspirational and when all these subtle things in the food and drink come together the result is a symphony of flavors and sensations that envelops your five senses. There are millions of tastes and infinite combinations to be discovered!

We invite you to take part in our next great food adventure and find your perfect pairings.....