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St. Louis Original Provel Half Loaf and Snack Sticks Combo

It's no mystery to the world that St. Louis was the birthplace of toasted ravioli. And many know about The Gateway City's invention of the gooey butter cake. But there is one special food that those in St. Louis have been (happily) keeping to themselves since 1947. It's meltably tangy, deliciously creamy Provel cheese. Blending the very best cheddar, Swiss and provolone, Provel offers a one-of-a-kind taste straight from "The Hill", St. Louis's legendary Italian neighborhood. Melt it low and slow for a perfect sauce or pizza topping, or enjoy it in salads, on sandwiches or simply by itself as a snack. It's St. Louis's best kept secret (and now) it's yours to enjoy!

This is a two (2) pack featuring one (1) Provel half loaf (approximately 2.5 lbs.) and one (1) 24 pack of Provel Snack sticks. 

Pasteurized Process Cheddar, Swiss, and Provolone